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The Sacred Locker Room

Psycho-spiritual man-talk

In recent months the phenomenon of 'Locker Room Talk' has been moving out from its supposedly traditional, confined, male habitat into a more public and even elevated space. While this has of course been met with widespread disenchantment, it is seemingly in keeping with developments in the modern age whereby what once was hidden away now becomes revealed to all.

So as profanity emerges more fully into the daylight it's only natural that the same should happen to its opposite - the sacred. But what on earth is the sacred and how do we talk about it? If 'toxic masculinity' has already found a foothold in the public consciousness what is 'sacred masculinity' if not an oxymoron?

This monthly blog sets out to help us reconnect with and reclaim the sacred in everyday life, offering a practical psycho-spiritual approach, while exploring the interplay of the masculine and feminine.

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