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The Sacred Locker Room

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Since December 2016 we keep hearing the phrase 'that's just locker-room talk'. What is vented in the locker-room appears to straddle both what men in power really think but also what no-one should take seriously (when it is leaked)! And if 'locker-room talk' diverges very far from whatever is then presented for public consumption - so what? This is split thinking normalised.

So as profanity emerges more fully into the daylight it's only natural that the same should happen to its opposite - the sacred. But what on earth is the sacred and how do we talk about it? If 'toxic masculinity' has already found a foothold in the public consciousness what is 'sacred masculinity' if not an oxymoron?

This monthly blog sets out to help us reconnect with and reclaim the sacred in everyday life, offering a practical psycho-spiritual approach, while exploring the interplay of the masculine and feminine.

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"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

Seth Godin