Cedar Tree Coaching


My approach will help you move beyond where you currently are on the issues that are most important to you. On a practical level I am committed to helping you realise your stated goals. However, you may also find the coaching gives you a broader context for understanding yourself, your life or your deeper purpose.

Coaching Applications

These are some of the areas in which I feel I have something to offer. It’s not an exhaustive list but is intended to give you some guidance as to what can be worked with.

  • visualisation and setting goals
  • inertia and mental paralysis
  • clear communication
  • values and the search for meaning
  • work/soul/life balance
  • co-dependency and relationship issues
  • behavioural patterns
  • divorce
  • children and the elderly
  • adoption
  • trans-cultural issues and relationships
  • identity
  • power, discrimination and intersectionality
  • race, racism, micro-agression and a a black empathic approach
  • diaspora psychology
  • working with the Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • Tree of Life and mindfulness meditation
  • religion and emerging spirituality
  • working with intuition
  • cancer,death and dying
  • energy medicine
  • working with the family tree
  • dreamwork
  • anomalous experiences
  • synchronicity
  • archetypes
  • systems theory
  • ritual
  • transition
  • whistleblowing
Cedar Tree Coaching