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"...one day something happens that wakes us up, face to face with ourselves. What for years we could not see is made visible.... The Self demands a reckoning; the ego must recognize what it has long feared and rejected."

Marion Woodman


Psychosynthesis is a depth psychology which affirms an individual’s unique sense of potential and their ability to express themselves and their deepest sense of purpose.

The term ‘depth psychology’ refers to a psychology that recognises layers in the human psyche, which tend to lie beneath normal operating levels of consciousness. Behavioural psychology and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) do not involve these levels of the psyche.

Roberto Assagioli was the founder of psychosynthesis, which built on Sigmund Freud’s pioneering work on the human unconscious. Assagioli, however, took a more optimistic and inclusive view of the human being, which he saw as blessed with an innate potential for integrating all its qualities and aspects in one ‘synthesis’. However, the quality that initiates this synthesis within each of us is the personal will – and it is very much this aspect that we are addressing in psychosynthesis coaching. Ultimately psychosynthesis psychology is training for self-realisation.

So, if you undergo coaching in this model you will find yourself becoming more aware of what truly motivates and resonates with you – even if the ostensible goal we're working towards is focussed on a narrower or specific outcome.

What is meant by transpersonal?

Transpersonal psychology recognises that, as human beings, we have plural aspects and levels of consciousness beyond (‘trans’) the everyday ‘I’ (‘personal’).

For much of our lives we may be operating in the realm and familiar personality contours of this everyday ‘I’. However, at moments of great joy, grief, fear or when we are witness to so-called ‘peak experiences’ a large proportion of adults report becoming fleetingly aware of another dimension to themselves. So a transpersonal experience is an experience of connection to a deeper level of reality.

"There is no certainty; there is only adventure."

Roberto Assagioli